Skilled Migration


Migration, as it is used here, refers to emigration from the home country, to settle permanently in another country. By obtaining the appropriate visa, such as a residence visa, the migrant is able to reside in the new country and become an immigrant resident.

The visas here enable a long-term stay, though some conditions may apply to make it permanent. This type of visa status is also commonly referred to as residence, permanent residence (PR) or settlement. It is not the same as citizenship, but citizenship is often available after a period of time residing there.

Frankmillers Deals with lawyers and solicitors overseas and get the most appropriate information and all the Legal matters done.
Our Firm works in association with other companies and registered immigration consultants, particularly for New Zealand, Australia, Canada and UK.

Frankmillers can assist in applying for migration/residence/settlement to most countries, or assist in advising on requirements needed.
For Migration we have to go through various factors like Skill, Age, Language, Spouse Employ-ability & Qualification, Relevant work experience, Sponsorship etc., The total of all these factors should be more than or equal to the current. Country to country it differs as well.

The selection factors are summarized:
• Education
• Language Skills
• Work Experience
• Age
• Arranged Employment
• Adaptability

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